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I have been a crafter most of my life, starting in about 8th grade when I tried to embroider some frogs on a quilt, that I never finished! Although the list of what "I never finished" is long, and includes cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, quilting and more, my latest obsession is paper! I joined Stampin'Up! as an independent demonstrator in October 2011 and have been going like crazy ever since! I offer classes in my home, do catered card parties at your home and sell my cards locally in Bozeman, Montana and around the lovely Gallatin Valley. I would love to meet and talk to you if you are interested in the papercrafting hobby or just need some unique handmade cards for a special occasion!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fun Folds #4 - Box card!

Hi stampers!

Today I'm bringing back an old favorite!  I first discovered this Fun Fold design when it "exploded" across Pinterest about 4 years ago. I made a bunch, then set the idea aside and hadn't come back to it until now. It is so fun to make! Here it is:

Believe it or not, this all collapses down and fits in an envelope ;)  The box construction is not difficult with just some cutting and scoring in all the right places.  Adding the decorations is a little tricky as you have to align them to stay within the boundaries of the folded up box in order to fit into the envelope.  Maybe someday I will make a video about how to do this!  I know most of us are visual learners and this is a design that lends itself to a demonstration!  Here are my directions that my class received:

Card in a box template

1. Cut one sheet of cardstock to 8-1/4" x 9"
2. Place 9" side along top of score board and score at :  2-1/8", 4-1/4", 6-3/8", 8-1/2"
3. Turn 90 degrees (8-1/4" side is at top of score board) and score at :  2-3/4"
4.  Place card stock on trimmer with 2-3/4" edge on left. Cut entire piece at 6". Save cut off piece.
5. Put leftover piece on trimmer with 1/4" scored tab on left. Cut at 3-1/8".  Cut this piece in half  lengthwise.
6.  With original card stock piece, cut off one 1/4" short sided tab and discard.  Apply sticky strip to long 1/4" tab.
7.  Cut all score lines to 2-3/4" score mark on short tabs to form box flaps.
8. Remove film from sticky strip and make box.
9. Fold three top flaps down but leave back flap up for back of box.
10.  Make Z folds out of the two small pieces of card stock at the score lines. These form the inside brackets to support your box and to adhere the decoration pieces to.
11. Measure flaps, sides, etc and decorate with DSP, etc. Make a long piece for the back for writing on.  See measurements below.
12. Add box decorations.  Be sure they can't be seen when box is folded up. This can be tricky! Keep folding box the same way as you add pieces to make sure they aren't outside the box edges.

Back panel (for writing on):   5-7/8" x 2"   (need one)
Outside bottom panels:   3-1/8" x 2"   (need three)

Top flap panels:  2-5/8" x 2"  (need four)

I hope I've explained things well enough in case you want to try it!  Tomorrow I have a special treat for you... I've been busy making all kinds of party decor for the college graduation of my son and his girlfriend from Montana State University. I will be featuring a banner, some napkin rings, cards, table decor and photo displays that have kept me busy this week. It is so fun to use your papercrafting skills for a party!!

Until then, happy stampin'!

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