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I have been a crafter most of my life, starting in about 8th grade when I tried to embroider some frogs on a quilt, that I never finished! Although the list of what "I never finished" is long, and includes cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, quilting and more, my latest obsession is paper! I joined Stampin'Up! as an independent demonstrator in October 2011 and have been going like crazy ever since! I offer classes in my home, do catered card parties at your home and sell my cards locally in Bozeman, Montana and around the lovely Gallatin Valley. I would love to meet and talk to you if you are interested in the papercrafting hobby or just need some unique handmade cards for a special occasion!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Life is Messy....

Hi friends,
I'm interrupting my Christmas card posts with a real life one... This past weekend, my husband was gone for 5 days of hunting and to be honest, I was really looking forward to having the house to myself, dragging out my sewing machine to do some long neglected quilting, getting ready for my upcoming card buffets (Thursday and Friday this week!), eating whatever I wanted and catching up on sleep... oh and watching the entire season of "The Crown" on Netflix.  My day unfolded as planned at first and then life intervened. My dad became ill and after one thing leading to another, he was hospitalized, again, and I'm spending my time tending my dad and running home here and there to tend to my dog.  I was faced with "what I have to do" interrupting and crashing down on "what I want to do". Ever been there?  It happens alot to me and although I wish I could say that I handle it with grace and patience, I do get resentful that my plans just blew up. After a couple minute pity party, I kicked into caretaker mode again and that continues today. My dad's situation is a little complicated at this point so it will be a few days before it gets sorted out. Meanwhile, the sewing machine got stashed, I only made it through 6 episodes of The Crown and I am still working on my buffet.  My husband is back home so I have help with the dog and my dad if need be.

If that isn't enough stress, today is election day (not going there on my blog) and tomorrow I turn 60 years old!  What a perfect storm of life getting messy ;)  Speaking of which, here's my card:

I bought this cute cat themed set because of this stamp.... It resonated with me on so many levels... life isn't black and white, not good and bad. It is complicated and messy and often wonderful too. I'm also a knitter that has unknotted many snarls of yarn so this also spoke to me ... haha!

I hope you are finding some "me" time and creative time in the midst of your messy life as I have learned we all have messy lives... different details, but all messy at times.

Contact me if you want more details about my buffet! I would love to see you!
Happy Stampin'!

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