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I have been a crafter most of my life, starting in about 8th grade when I tried to embroider some frogs on a quilt, that I never finished! Although the list of what "I never finished" is long, and includes cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, quilting and more, my latest obsession is paper! I joined Stampin'Up! as an independent demonstrator in October 2011 and have been going like crazy ever since! I offer classes in my home, do catered card parties at your home and sell my cards locally in Bozeman, Montana and around the lovely Gallatin Valley. I would love to meet and talk to you if you are interested in the papercrafting hobby or just need some unique handmade cards for a special occasion!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy Christmas to all....

Hey Stampin' buddies!

I'm getting to my blog a little late today... I had a planned day of all sorts of activities and that went by the wayside again. The details only matter to me and my dad, but suffice it to say, I was tied up all day.

I have to say how heartwarming it is to see how many of you are checking out my blog!  This week I passed 10,000 views and tonite it's up to 10,300!  That blows me away if it is true, haha!  I am not completely sure I trust the stats on my blog traffic, but it sure is encouraging. I am so grateful that so many people think my designs and ideas are worth a click of the mouse!

Today, I have what turned out to be a very favorite card. I bought a full stamp set because of one tree. Have you ever done that? Had to have one stamp even if the rest were only okay. Well, I'll show you the card and then the stamp set that I'm talking about:

The stamp I "had to have" is the tree stamp. It's a single tree and I triple stamped with it. What you do is ink once and stamp 3 times, moving your stamp up and down just a little bit to get some height variation. You can see the color variation as more of the ink comes off with each succeeding stamp. I love this look!  I then added a spectacular elk/deer (I don't know which but either is awesome) and a great saying.   Curious about the stamp set?  Here it is:

It's called "Greetings from Santa" and is a wonderful addition to your Christmas stamp collection. I decided the background paper needed a little something and so I added washi tape. The saying used to be "when in doubt, add glitter" but I've changed it to "when in doubt, washi"...

Hope you like the card and find some inspiration here!  We are getting that much closer to Christmas!
Happy Stampin'!

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